NO.HOT_L (2022 – ongoing)

Artistic interventions in temporary travel spaces

NO.HOT_L is a transdisciplinary artistic intervention series temporarily accomodating in holiday apartments and other transitory living spaces. Performative, installative and collaborative artistic interventions developed on site deal with phantoms and questionable aspects of “travel”, “home” and “work”. Amina Handke as artist and curator uses given space and furniture to create communicative stagings, recombinations and present-tations in the no/wo/man’s land between private and public.

Comparably, definitions of authorship are being expanded, as more artists and art related persons based both on-site and abroad are invited to collaborate and contribute. The ensemble of works, exchange and processes is the declared aim and product: The apartment is the exhibition, the exhibition a film setting, and the film is shown in the apartment. The cast of “artists” and “audience” is overlapping while exchanging informally in the Salon and connecting simultaneously with other places and times via portable devices and the internet wormhole.

Site specific, transdisciplinary, collaborational and communicational micro events

June 15 – 19, 2022


October 6 – 19, 2022



THE HANDKE COLLECTION (1999 – ongoing)

ARTIST BOOK (edition of 500, 2001)

The Handke Collection is an unfinished self portrait consisting of countless objects, memories, remains and works by Amina Handke and other people.

The artist book publication of the Handke Collection assembles texts and reproductions of artistic works, correspondences, photographs, newspaper clippings, video stills and notes which join in a picture story that recounts life and work of the artist, stage designer, ex- tv station
co-owner and DJ Amina Handke.

Including texts, fragments, pictures, correspondences and findings by and with Andrea Pesendorfer, Annette Messager, Erich Joham, Max Goldt, Tobias Urban, katsey, Thomas Rottenberg, Hermes Phettberg, Peter Handke, Ruth Ehrmann, Paul Divjak, Wolfgang Kopper, Yves Chaudouet, H. M. Enzensberger, Maria Ziegelböck, Maja Stefanovic and many others.


Group Exhibition, Kunstraum Niederösterreich

(17. 01. – 15. 03. 2014)

Curator: Amina Handke

The title of this exhibition quotes the film Copie Conforme by Abbas Kiarostami, in which an art expert is the leading female role. Copying, imitation and referencing are not just the basis of artistic production but also of all cultural systems. Against the background of timeless and current discourses on copyright and the freedom of art, this exhibition project seeks to offer an insight into contemporary artistic positions that link methods of creative appropriation or referentiality with sociopolitical statements or explicitly to use them as instruments.

Participating Artists:

Jamika Ajalon and Marion Porten

Dara Birnbaum

Amina Handke

simon INOU and Mara Niang

Annja Krautgasser

Lena Lapschina

Marko Lulić

Fiona Rukschcio

Stefanie Seibold

Peer Sievers

Anat Stainberg

Hito Steyerl

Statt Wien

100+ (2014)

Multidisciplinary performance evening

Curated by Gerda Lampalzer & Amina Handke

26.04.2014, Garage X, Vienna

With contributions by:

Thomas Ballhausen
Xaver Bayer
Gustav Deutsch & Hanna Schimek
Rainer Mandl
Manfred Neuwirth
Manfred Oppermann
Chrono Popp & Diane Shooman
Libgart Schwarz
Michaela Schwentner
Scuola Musicanti Dilettanti
Anat Stainberg
Nives Widauer

Presentation by Marc Carnal and Max Horejs