THE HANDKE COLLECTION (1999 – ongoing)

ARTIST BOOK (edition of 500, 2001)

The Handke Collection is an unfinished self portrait consisting of countless objects, memories, remains and works by Amina Handke and other people.

The artist book publication of the Handke Collection assembles texts and reproductions of artistic works, correspondences, photographs, newspaper clippings, video stills and notes which join in a picture story that recounts life and work of the artist, stage designer, ex- tv station
co-owner and DJ Amina Handke.

Including texts, fragments, pictures, correspondences and findings by and with Andrea Pesendorfer, Annette Messager, Erich Joham, Max Goldt, Tobias Urban, katsey, Thomas Rottenberg, Hermes Phettberg, Peter Handke, Ruth Ehrmann, Paul Divjak, Wolfgang Kopper, Yves Chaudouet, H. M. Enzensberger, Maria Ziegelböck, Maja Stefanovic and many others.