JEBO TE! (2003 – ongoing)

Multiple, relabeled textile objects

Jebo Te! was first launched in 2003 as part of The Handke Collection as statement about impossibilities of translation and blurriness of semantics. The first 100 items were initially exhibited in the framework of Operation Figurini (Steinbrener / Dempf).

Jebo Te! consists of individually chosen pieces from the wardrobe of the artist, each connected to a special memory. Relabeling every item manually even makes fast fashion unique, an original copy, recalls practices of authorship, signature, fake and appropriation as well as the hidden work in global sweat shops and homes.

In an ever changing world of fluid and transitory signs like the codes of fashion, how can we interpret what is written on us or influence the way it is (or we are) read? How many memories do we get rid of by disposing of our clothes?

Jebo Te! is an emphasizing exclamation in Ex-Yugoslavian languages. It could be literally translated as „Fuck You“. But doesn’t every translation lead to misunderstandings and conflicts, whether literal or not? Or to say it with Saint-Exupéry: language is the source of misunderstanding.

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