Talk Show (30′) + Web Serial (5×3′)

HD, colour, sound

The talk show Wishing Cast, produced in the framework of Pixels, Bytes and Film*, invites professional performers of different origins and disciplines (a dancer, an actress, a comedian, an entertainer, a cabaret artist and a burlesque performer) to a conversation about their dream role. The guests tell tales of super heroes, revenge fantasies, escape adventures, war histories and boat taxis. Of sex, violence, humour, self-determination, authenticity, manipulation and a happy life. Wishing Cast develops into a polyphonic tale about role perceptions and life goals. The borders between reality, desire and fiction blur, perhaps they never even existed. Just as the format Wishing Cast itself.

*cooperation of the TV Station ORFIII, the Austrian Federal Chancellery and the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna



Denice Bourbon, Performer

Nadja Maleh, Cabaret Artist

Michikazu Matsune, Dancer

Simplice Mugiraneza (Soso), Comedian

Anat Stainberg, Actor

Dirk Stermann, Entertainer



Amina Handke



13 video portraits (13 x 3′, HD, colour, sound)

Quotenpublikum is a series of 13 Portraits: 16 renowned Austrian experts with different professional relations to media culture are portrayed watching TV. They represent a subjectively selected, diverse cross section of a professional audience and seemingly impersonate the abstract notion of the “Quote” (German term for audience rating), whose representativity and elicitation methods are addressed and questioned.

The production of Quotenpublikum was funded and first broadcast by Austrian public television ORFIII in 2014.